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#USwithAUS: How democracies can fight back against online disinformation
September 3, 2021

ZOOM WEBINAR: Join us for a virtual discussion on how malign state-sponsored actors manipulate online audiences to spread social media disinformation and threaten the stability of democracies.

Join Associate Professor Darren Linvill of Clemson University and U.S. Embassy Canberra’s Public Engagement Attaché, Samantha Juster, as they discuss how misinformation and disinformation are wielded to misinform and manipulate influential audiences online.

Associate Professor Linvill will share his insights as an internationally recognized expert and leader in the social media forensics and data monitoring field. We’ll cover topics including:

  • What are the most common kinds of disinformation, and what are the current trends in this space?
  • Methods of state-backed disinformation where countries are targeting their own people
  • Disinformation for hire: how mainstream marketing firms are participating in disinformation
  • Threats to democracy: How is this affecting the United States and Australia?

The discussion will be followed by a live Q&A session, and audience questions are most welcome – please submit them in advance to AskEmbassyCanberra@state.gov, or in the Q&A window during the session

Event Details

The discussion will be facilitated online by the U.S. Embassy Canberra from 10-11am AEST on Thursday, September 9 via teleconferencing platform Zoom.

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