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U.S. Military Retirees in Australia

Helpful Links: 

The above links will assist you in handling Tri-Care and retiree ID cards while you are living in Australia. Please refer to these links before contacting one of our Embassy representatives. For convenience, at the bottom of this page we have included a PDF copy of the Tri-Care Standard Claim Form DD-2642 and Tri-Care Statement of Personal Injury Form DD-2527. If you have any questions or concerns please read the Tri-Care for Retirees letter though the above web link.

  • DD2642-CHAMPUS Claim Form (PDF 239 KB) – Claim form to be used by beneficiaries for filing healthcare claims.
  • DD2527-CHAMPUS Claim Form (PDF 13 KB) – Statement of Personal Injury – Possible Third Party Liability; this form is required in the Form DD-2642 filing process in instances in which a patient’s condition is accident related, work related, or both. Either Beneficiary or Provider may use this form.


American Embassy Australia TRICARE Points of Contact

Please contact 337ASUF.MedicalSupportPOC@us.af.mil or call us +61 2 6214 5821/5979.