American Citizen Services (ACS) Fees

American Citizen Services fees worldwide are established in U.S. dollars.

The U.S. Embassy in Canberra determines an exchange rate for payments made in Australian dollars. Payments must be in the exact amount and you must not use any other exchange rate other than what is listed below. Payments in the wrong amount, or to the wrong payee, will be rejected.

Our internal exchange rate changes about 3-4 times per year, with little notice. Applicants should purchase their bank check or money order in AUD in accordance with the exchange rate published on our website after checking the information below. If a change to the exchange rate is anticipated, it will be announced on this page.

  • Effective October 17, 2022, the Consular exchange rate is set at USD$1.00 – AUD$1.70.
Fees when submitting passport Form DS-82
Passport Book (Age 16 & Older) $130.00 $221.00
Passport Card (Age 16 & Older) $30.00 $51.00
Fees when submitting passport Form DS-11
Passport Book (Age 16 & Older) $165.00 $280.50
Passport Book (Under Age 16) $135.00 $229.50
Passport Card (Age 16 & Older) $30.00 $51.00
Passport Card (Under Age 16) $15.00 $25.50
Fees when submitting a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Form DS-2029)
Consular Report of Birth Abroad $100.00 $170.00
Fees for Renouncing/Relinquishing U.S. nationality
Renouncing of U.S. Citizenship service fee $2,350.00 $3,995.00


Notarial Fee Schedule

Acknowledgement or Oath, each seal/signature $50.00 $85.00
Certification $50.00 $85.00



Accepted forms of payment at U.S. Consular Offices in Australia

When submitting payments in-person at a Consulate, applicants can only pay via credit card or with Australian currency.

  • Adults renewing their passport by mail using Form DS-82 can pay the fee online via the U.S. government’s secure payment site.
  • After successfully paying the fee, you must print out the electronic payment confirmation you receive via email and include it in the package you submit.
  • At present, we can only accept online payments for applications using Form DS-82. Payments for all other applications must be made by one of our other accepted methods of payment. Specifically, fees for child passport renewals cannot be paid using

Only Australian currency is accepted. Cash payments should not be sent via mail.

Payments must be in Australian currency, and must be payable to the “U.S. Consulate General” or “Department of State“. Under no circumstances are other payees accepted.

We cannot accept incorrect or multiple checks/money orders as payment, even if you have overpaid.

Special Note:

  • Personal and Company checks are not accepted.
  • If an applicant writes on the face of the money order/bank check, our cashier is unable to process it as valid payment. Please do not write anything on the face of the money order/bank check.
  • The Consulates General cannot accept U.S. dollar bank checks.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, including Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit, are accepted.
  • Credit card payments can only be processed in person, and the physical card must be presented.
  • We are unable to accept credit card details supplied via mail or by phone. Applicants eligible to mail in an application must send payment via postal money order or bank check.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the Consulate, so we cannot process payments through digital wallets like ApplePay, Google Pay, or PayPal.
  • Ensure you are the named card holder and that your credit card is signed before coming to your appointment.
  • All credit card transactions are processed in U.S. dollars. The actual amount charged to your credit card will reflect your bank’s exchange rate and, possibly, a transaction fee.
  • Payment by EFTPOS-only cards (i.e. debit cards not linked to Visa or MasterCard) is not available.