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TRANSCRIPT: Video statement by Ambassador Kennedy on the MV-22B Osprey Crash
August 28, 2023

I join President Biden and Secretary Austin from the United States in sending my deepest sympathies to the families and fellow Marines of those lost and injured in the recent crash in the Tiwi Islands.

This tragedy and the recent loss that Australia also suffered reminds us all how grateful we are to those who serve in uniform, risking their lives every day to protect and defend the country they love, and to keep the rest of us safe.

We will keep them in our prayers always.

All Americans are grateful to Prime Minister Albanese, Deputy Prime Minister Marles, Foreign Minister Wong, Chief Minister Natasha Fyles, members of the Australian Defence Force, first responders and law enforcement in the Northern Territory, and the doctors, nurses and staff of the Royal Darwin Hospital, who are caring for our Marines as if they were their own.

I’ve talked with Deputy Prime Minister Marles to thank him for the amazing amount of support, good wishes, help, assistance, kinship, and friendship that Americans have received from Australia.

We will continue to stay in touch in the coming days and weeks.

And I’ve spoken with Marine leadership on the ground, and let them know that our embassy and consulates will continue to provide the support and help they and the families need.

To those who have been injured, we hope you return to good health as soon as possible. Your courage inspires us all.

And on this sad day, we pray for those who have lost so much. We recommit ourselves to their ideals and do everything we can for those we love.