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Political Affairs

The Political Section works to advance the robust global partnership between the United States and Australia to serve our countries’ shared interests and values.  Our political officers work with Australian officials to enhance U.S.-Australian cooperation on counter-terrorism, non-proliferation, promoting human rights and democracy, and other mutual priorities.  The Political Section works closely with the U.S. Defense Attaché Office to ensure that the ANZUS alliance continues to serve as a pillar of regional peace and security.  We also work to coordinate U.S. and Australian engagement with regional and global institutions, including the United Nations, the East Asia Summit, and the ASEAN Regional Forum.

For more information about U.S. foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region, please visit the U.S. State Department Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

The Political Section’s primary telephone number is (02) 6214-5904.  Correspondence should be faxed to (02) 6214-5816.