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Ambassador Berry’s Remarks at the 65th Anniversary of the Australian-American Fulbright Commission

Tonight, we celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Fulbright Treaty with Australia – one of the earliest formal agreements between our two countries. It predates even the ANZUS Treaty, which speaks to the nature of the relationship between our two countries. Even as we emerged from the devastation of World War II, our impulse was ...
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We are gathered here to celebrate not only the birth of a nation, but more importantly, the birth of an idea: that all people are created equal, and t

My thanks to Todd Creeger for sponsoring this breakfast… and Gordon Flake—from the USAsia Centre—for moderating. Former Secretary Clinton launched the Centre when she was here in 2012 and Gordon has done a tremendous job with it since then. I’d also like to thank author, Penelope Williamson and Ambassador Kim Beazley. It’s a pleasure to be ...
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Ambassador Berry’s Remarks for the Opening Plenary Ambassador’s Innovation Roundtable at National Science and Technology Centre Canberra

Innovation lies at the very heart of what America is.  From the beginning, our country was a grand experiment.  We believed then – and now – that freedom plus sweat equals progress.  And if you add creativity or innovation, you get progress squared. One of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, was not just a tremendous ...
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