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Ambassador Berry’s Remarks for the Battle of the Coral Sea Commemorative Lunch – Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney

(As prepared for delivery – May 7, 2016) Veterans and Members of the Australian and the American Militaries; Distinguished guests; Ladies and gentlemen; On May 8, 1942, the Allied strategic victory in the Battle of the Coral Sea changed the course of history. Without Coral Sea, there could have been no Midway, no Guadalcanal, and ...
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Ambassador Berry’s Remarks at the Australian American Leadership Dialogue Young Leadership Dialogue Reception Ambassador’s Residence, Canberra

(As prepared for delivery – May 10, 2016) It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you to my home. Why are you here? You are here because Albert Einstein was 26 when he published his Special Theory of Relativity. Because 26 was also the average age in the mission control room in Houston ...
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