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Ambassador Berry’s remarks at the 10th Ann. of the United States Studies Centre (USSC) and American Australian Association (AAA), Sydney

(As prepared for delivery, June 9, 2016) In World War Two, my father fought for freedom alongside brave Australians; at Guadalcanal and the New Guinea campaign. He and his mates had each other’s backs. They knew that it is when you are under attack that true friends show their mettle. They knew our alliance is ...
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Ambassador Berry’s remarks at the Fulbright ACT State Reception – Australian National University, Canberra

(As prepared for delivery, May 31, 2016) Over seven decades, the Fulbright program has left an indelible mark on Australia and the United States. From generation to generation, Fulbright, by investing in students and scholars, reinvigorates our societies – helping us to do better and be better. Fulbright is so successful because it harnesses exceptional ...
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