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Joining the U.S. Military


The Defense Attache’s Office (DAO) receives hundreds of phone calls every year requesting information on either joining the U.S. Military or attending U.S. Military Academies.

To join the U.S. Armed Forces you must be either a U.S. naturalized citizen or possess a Permanent Resident Visa (aka Green Card.) Listed below are the basic requirements:


  1. Must be a U.S. citizen OR in the U.S. on a Permanent Resident Visa.
  2. Must be under the age of 34.
  3. Must have proof of age.
  4. Must have no more than two dependents (i.e. a spouse and one child).
  5. Must be a graduate of high school (12 grades).
  6. Must be able to pass the mental and physical tests.

Attending United States Military Academies

Australian citizens who wish to attend U.S. military academies must meet all prerequisites and be nominated by the coinciding Australian service. For example, the Australian Navy can nominate personnel to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. For more information about prerequisites or a particular military academy, see below.