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Alliance Leadership Network


What is the Alliance Leadership Network?

The Alliance Leadership Network is a network of Australian current and emerging leaders who are committed to advancing the U.S.-Australia Alliance and the shared democratic values that underpin the prosperity and security of both our countries and the Indo-Pacific region.


What does the Alliance Leadership Network do?

The Alliance Leadership Network offers a seat at the table:

  • We provide in-person and virtual networking opportunities and events for Australian leaders and aspiring leaders to engage with senior American officials and each other.
  • We foster dialogue on the emerging opportunities and challenges for the U.S.-Australia Alliance through in-person and virtual roundtables with senior American officials.
  • We develop the next generation of leaders by tapping into our network to facilitate mentorship opportunities with established Australian and American leaders.


Who is a member?

Alumni of U.S.-funded exchange programs, participants of programs funded by the U.S. Mission in Australia, and Australia’s future leaders in government, business, and civil society.


How can I get involved?