Doing Business in Australia

Australia has proven to be an appealing and profitable market for American companies for many years. It offers very few barriers to entry, a familiar legal and corporate framework, and a sophisticated – yet straightforward business culture.

While it is important to understand and appreciate Australia’s cultural differences, the long and successful history of American firms in Australia suggests that other U.S. companies will also find this market to be rewarding and attractive. Please take a look at the services we offer and our informative guides to assist you in accessing the Australian market. Contact us by emailling to find out more.

Guidebooks to Doing Business in Australia

For American companies, Australia’s appeal is still compelling: few barriers to entry, a familiar legal and corporate framework, sophisticated consumer and industrial demand, and a straightforward business culture.  The Australia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement enhances the long and successful trading relationship by eliminating tariffs on almost all manufactured and agricultural goods.  The Agreement also eased investment rules, and opened all levels of the Australian government procurement market to U.S. companies.

We believe this is an excellent time for American companies with innovative products and technologies to develop an entry strategy for the Australian market, or to re-examine previous business plans for this market. Various sources have submitted informative guides on “How to Do Business in Australia”. Please see the Australia section for more information