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Ambassador Culvahouse Remarks: 9/11 Memorial Ceremony – U.S. Embassy Canberra
September 11, 2019

As delivered September 11, 2019, at 8:46am


Good morning. 

Today is a day of solemn reflection. 

We remember the innocent men and women whose lives were cut short on this day 18 years ago. 

We remember the courageous first responders who rushed into harm’s way, selflessly putting themselves at risk to save others.  

We remember the patriotic Americans from all walks of life, who stepped forward to help or stepped up to serve because of a higher calling. 

Many of us are here today because we answered that call. 

How we responded to this tragedy reminds us of the values that Americans and Australians hold dear:  we care for our neighbors, we put differences aside for the common good, and we roll up our sleeves and give our all to making our communities, our country and the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.  

I know that sense of duty and service is shared by everyone at this Embassy. 

And it’s a testament to the strength of the relationship between the United States and Australia.  

After 9/11, Australia stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States.  

In the aftermath of the attacks, Australia invoked the ANZUS treaty for the first time in history.  

They were there for us in our time of need, and that’s what this relationship is all about.  

We take care of each other. 

We are each other’s keeper.  

Thanks to the work you do day-in and day-out, we are fiercely executing our duty to protect Americans, Australians, and people around the world from threats of violence wherever they may emerge.  

Eighteen years later, we honor those who lost their lives and we remain resolute in our commitment to peace, justice, and freedom.  

We will never forget.