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Ambassador Berry’s Remarks for the Opening of the Nioa Facility
September 23, 2014

Our enduring friendship with the people of Australia – founded on shared sacrifices and common values – has ensured peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region since World War II. This is a region of enormous opportunities and great challenges.

As partners, we are dedicated to the idea that regional peace and security are a shared duty. In today’s world, no nation can “go it alone.” Fortunately, we don’t have to.

Since World War I, Australia and the United States have fought shoulder to shoulder. As our world changes, so has our security cooperation. Today, we work together to stop terrorism and drug trafficking. We provide humanitarian assistance. And we help people get back on their feet after disasters.

Our ability to work together is vital to ensuring that this region continues to be peaceful, prosperous, and secure. The more interoperable we are – the greater our capabilities – the more prepared we will be to face threats – whether from Man or Mother Nature.

The more than sixty companies represented and supported by Nioa make those missions possible. They provide the best technology available to help our militaries and law enforcement personnel meet today’s challenges head on.

But security and prosperity go hand in hand.

Just as we have a robust defense partnership, we also have strong economic cooperation. The United States is the largest foreign investor in Australia, and is the top destination for Australian foreign investment. I am dedicated to making sure that this cooperation also continues to grow. So I’m especially pleased and proud to see the many U.S. companies – like the ATK Defense group, General Dynamics-OTS, Colt, Leupold (LOO-POLD) & Stevens, and Barrett Firearms – represented and supported by Nioa here in Australia.

The opening of this new state of the art facility here at the Brisbane airport will make both our security cooperation and our efforts to promote trade and investment possible.

Companies like Nioa and your industry partners help ensure the success of our goals here in the region. They help ensure that – no matter what – Australia and the United States will always be prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges together. Thank you.